Network Service Mesh

The Hybrid/Multi-cloud IP Service Mesh


Network service mesh (NSM) adds the following properties to networking in Kubernetes:

Heterogeneous network configurations
Exotic protocols
Tunneling as a first-class citizen
Networking context as a first-class citizen
Policy-driven service function chaining (SFC)
Minimal need for changes to Kubernetes
On-demand, dynamic, negotiated connections

How it works

Network Service Mesh provides these “missing” Kubernetes networking capabilities using a simple set of APIs designed to facilitate connectivity

  • between containers running services or
  • with external endpoints.

New connections negotiate their own connection properties. These properties include but are not limited to:

Network interface typeLinux Interface, MemIf, vhost-user
Payload typeEthernet, IP, MPLS, L2TP

Network Service Mesh is a Cloud Native Computing Foundation sandbox project