Network Service Mesh

The Hybrid/Multi-cloud IP Service Mesh

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Enlightning - Understanding Network Service Mesh


What it is

Network Service Mesh (NSM) is the Hybrid/Multi-cloud IP Service Mesh enabling:

L3 Zero Trust
Per workload granularity
Per Network Service Connectivity/Security/Observability
No changes to K8s
Works with your existing CNI
No changes to your workloads

Use Cases


  • A common flat vL3 domain allowing DBs running in multiple clusters/clouds/hybrid to communicate just with each other for DB replication
  • A single L7 Service Mesh (Istio/Linkerd/Consul/Kuma) connecting workloads running in multiple clusters/clouds/on-prem
  • A single workload connecting to multiple L7 Service Meshes
  • Workloads from multiple companies connecting to a single ‘collaborative’ Service Mesh for cross company interactions

How it works

Network Service Mesh frees individual Kubernetes Pods to network with other workloads across multiple clusters/clouds using a simple set of APIs designed to facilitate attaching those Pods to zero or more “Network Services” that provide exactly the

  • Connectivity
  • Security
  • Observability

they need - independent of where they are running.

Network Service Mesh is a Cloud Native Computing Foundation sandbox project