Andromeda release v0.1.0

Date Git actions Notes
2019-04-23 git branch nsm-v0.1 Ensure all required issues are in “done” state in the project.
2019-04-30 git tag nsm-v0.1.0 The designated release date. Ensure CI/CD is passing. Run extra testing.
2019-05-14 git tag nsm-v0.1.1 Apply all pending patches that fix urgent issues. CI/CD passes + additional testing.

Initial Features

v0.1.0 (Andromeda) is the initial release of Network Service Mesh.

Initial infra components


The Network Service Manager is a per Node control plane component run as a Daemonset to provide NSM to each Node in the cluster.


NSM Dataplane components which enable the data plane for vWires on a Node. Its usually also installed as a Daemonset. Two implementations of the Dataplane role are provided:


Supports mechanisms:

  • kernel interface
  • memif
  • direct memif
  • vxlan


Supports mechanisms:

  • kernel interface
  • vxlan