Release v1.2.0

2022 Feb 16

NSM v1.2.0 is released via a set of example use cases.

Kubernetes Compatibility

NSM v1.2.0 has been successfully integration tested with Kubernetes versions:

  • v1.23.0
  • v1.22.1
  • v1.21.1
  • v1.20.7
  • v1.19.11
  • v1.18.15
  • v1.17.11

Public Cloud Capability

NSM v1.2.0 has been tested on GKE, AKS, EKS, and on vanilla K8s on bare metal in Equinix Metal.

Changes since v1.1.0

Policy Based Routing

NSE’s may now request Policy Based Routing for NSCs that connect to them. This is primarily envisioned to be used to request Source Based routing for the Src IP issued to the NSC by the NSE. This enables routing the return traffic for incoming TCP connections over the vWire back out the vWire without having to necessarily know the full set of prefixes from which such traffic might originate. Various restrictions apply to prevent NSE’s requesting Policy Based Routing that conflicts with K8s Cluster Networking or with other Network Services. See api#119 for more details.

Try NSM Policy Based Routing

Advanced Healing Cases

NSM v1.2.0 is now in testing with advanced healing examples including simultaneous failure of two components.

Open Telemetry Integration

NSM v1.2.0 now provides OpenTelemetry Integration including both tracing and Prometheus Metrics.

Try NSM OpenTelemetry Integration

Interdomain Wireguard Examples

Interdomain examples using Wireguard for IP transport were added.

Try NSM Interdomain Wireguard Examples

GKE Compatibility Bug Fixed

As noted in NSM v.1.1.0’s Release Notes, GKE had manifested an odd Netlink IP Neighbor bug with IPv6 in its latest node-version. This issue has since been fixed, and NSM v1.2.0 works fine with up-to-date GKE node-versions.

Exclude prefixes already in use in a Pod by other Network Services

When a Pod requests a Network Service, exclude prefixes now includes not only K8s Cluster prefixes, but also prefixes already in use from previously established connections to other Network Services by that Pod.

Try NSM Exclude Prefix example

Select Forwarder Example

In v1.1.0 NSM introduced the ability to select forwarders based on ‘labels’. v1.2.0 provides an example of that functionality. Try NSM Forwarder Selection


  • Registry events serialization rework. It allowed to NSM work correctly in case of death 2 or more components and also huge reduces registry memory allocation (reduces memory allocation 7 times compared with v1.1.1 ).