Release v1.3.1

NSM v1.3.1 is released via a set of example use cases.

Kubernetes Compatibility

NSM v1.3.1 has been successfully integration tested with Kubernetes versions:

  • v1.23.0
  • v1.22.1
  • v1.21.1
  • v1.20.7
  • v1.19.11
  • v1.18.15

Public Cloud Capability

NSM v1.3.1 has been tested on GKE, AKS, EKS, Cross public clusters..

Changes since v1.3.0

Update spire to v1.2.3

In this version SPIRE addresses CVE-2022-24675, CVE-2022-28327, CVE-2022-27536. See at details

Improved logging for NSM application

It is now possible in NSM to disable all tracing logging via log level configuration. For this needed just define NSM_LOG_LEVEL to something else than TRACE.

Increased dial connection time for registries

Found and fixed potential problem for big production clusters where 100ms could be not enough to connect to the registry server.

Improved stability for vl3 network

Found and fixed critical issue for the creating vl3 network, in v1.3.0 you could face a problem that vl3 network could stuck if you had a few unreachable nses in the registry.

Increased k8s version for AWS testing

Previously we tested NSM on AWS with 1.18 k8s version. Recently AWS dropped support for this version and we successfully moved testing to k8s v1.21.