Release v1.6.1

NSM v1.6.1

NSM v1.6.1 is released via a set of example use cases.

Kubernetes Compatibility

NSM v1.6.1 has been successfully integration tested with Kubernetes versions:

  • v1.25.2
  • v1.24.6
  • v1.23.12
  • v1.22.13
  • v1.21.14
  • v1.20.15

And also with Calico CNI plugin.

Public Cloud Capability

NSM v1.6.0 has been tested on

Changes since v1.6.1

k8s versions update

Our examples that requires metallb no more use oppenssl. It was achived by updating metallb to latest version which is not compatible with v1.18, v1.19.

  • Dropped testing on k8s v1.18, v1.19.
  • Added testing on k8s v1.25.
  • Other versions have been updated to latest patches.

Readability improvements

Improved readability for the next examples:

Stability improvements / bug fixes

Resolved bugs: