NSM v1.3.0

Release Schedule

  • Feature Freeze - 2022-03-21
  • Release Candidate - 2022-03-28
  • Release - 2022-04-04

Planned Enhancements


Implementation of a virtual Layer 3 (vL3) Network Service(NS) that can be used to provide a common routing domain (or vrf) to which workloads in different clusters/cloud providers may attach.

Advanced Healing: condition healing on datapath to NSE being down

When notified that the control path path is broken, check that the datapath to the NSE is also unreachable before healing. This will handle more robustly cases where there are temporary issues i the control path but the datapath is still functioning normally, reducing the circumstances underwhich a heal will be triggered.

NSM+Calico-VPP Integration

Allow NSM to utilize external VPP instances it did not create itself. This would allow NSM and Calico-VPP to share a single VPP instance on a Node, improving performance in that case.

Note: NSM will continue to function with any CNI, not just Calico-VPP.

Enable Mutually Aware NSEs to overlap in IPAM/Routes

NSM by default presumes that all NSEs are ‘mutually ignorant’, meaning they do not know about each other. For this reason, if an NSM currently precludes ‘overlap’ in the assigned IPs and requested routes between the various NSEs to which a NSC is connected. Enabling Mutually Aware NSEs allows this limitation to be loosened in the case that two or more NSEs signal mutual awareness. This eanbles certain ‘multi-homing’ cases.