NSM v1.7.0

Release Schedule

  • Feature Freeze - 2022-11-14
  • Release Candidate - 2022-11-21
  • Release Notes - 2022-11-21
  • Release - 2022-11-28

Planned Enhancements

Zero trusted registry services

Planned to add the Path for registry services.

See more details

Add a new remote mechanism ‘IPSec’

Planned to consider adding a new remote mechanism for IPSec interfaces.

See more details

Implement generator for NSE

nsm-gen simple generator to generate a main.go, supporting internal/ skeletons, Dockerfile, testing, etc, for a standard NSE. The goal is to make an NSE super easy, and have the developer only need to focus on writing their server chain.

It might be that a cmd-nse-template might be a better approach, so also consider that option.

Another consideration might be whether or not the NSE uses VPP. VPP using NSEs might get slightly different generation (VPP in Dockerfile, VPP testing machinery, etc)

Add support for IPv6 k8s clusters

Currently, we’re not testing/running NSM on pure IPv6 clusters. Planned to add support for pure IPv6 clusters and resolve all related issues.

See mote details

Run istio over vL3

At this momemnt we have integration NSM + Istio via extender case (based on scale from zero feature)

We planned to provide an alternative integration that will be based on vL3, which should simplify NSM and Istio interaction.

Improve UX for NSM examples

Planned to improve and simplify NSM examples by reducing the count of repeatable setups and also make sure that we’re using webhook in each example.

See mote details

Make debugging easier

Debug problems are extremely complex, having to chase logs across a bunch of different components. Planned to find a way to make debuggin process easier.