NSM v1.8.0

Release Schedule

  • Feature Freeze - 2023-02-14
  • Release Notes - 2023-02-21
  • Release Candidate - 2023-02-16
  • Release - 2023-02-28

Planned Enhancements

Correct error handling

See more details at https://github.com/networkservicemesh/sdk/issues/705

nsmctl improvements

Implement and add supports for new cmds:

  get/netwrorkservice [@domain]
  get/netwrorkserviceendpoints [@domain]
  create/netwrorkservice [@domain]
  create/netwrorkserviceendpoints [@domai

See more details at https://github.com/networkservicemesh/nsmctl/issues

Add support AF_XDP

Currently cmd-forwarder-vpp uses AF_PACKET to bind to an existing Node interface using LinkToAfPacket

AF_XDP is faster than than AF_PACKET, but AF_XDP is only useable for our purposes from kernel version 5.4 onward. The good news is that lots of places have kernel versions that new (including the more recent version of Docker Desktop).

See more details at https://github.com/networkservicemesh/cmd-forwarder-vpp/issues/283

Using services for proxying traffic in the absense of Node.ExternalIP

Currently, we use cmd-map-ip-k8s to generate a mapping of Node.InternalIPs to Node.ExternalIPs so that the nsmgr-proxy can translate between those IPs as traffic leaves/enters the cluster.

This works great for clusters setup with per-Node ExternalIPs. Sadly, this is not all Nodes.

For the case when Nodes do not have a Node.ExternalIPs, we do have the option of using Services.ExternalIP for the same purpose.

The lack of Node.ExternalIPs can be compensated for by creating a Service of type LoadBalancer for each Node and using Services without selectors to direct that Service to the Node.InternalIP.

See more details at https://github.com/networkservicemesh/cmd-nsmgr-proxy/issues

Make SRIOV VFs to push/pop tags like vlan or vxlan.

See more details at https://github.com/networkservicemesh/sdk-sriov/issues/489

Improve system stability