NSMCon EU 2020

August 13,2020 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Colocated with Kubecon+CloudNativeCon EU 2020

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August 13,2020 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

09:15am - Inside Network Service Mesh
09:45am - A Break From the Past, Why CNFs Must Move Beyond the NFV Mentality
10:30am - Offloading dataplane from the network services for Telco usecases
11:00am - Using DNS to smooth your NSM adoption
11:30am - The NSM Operator
01:00pm - NSM Interdomain: Functional Walkthrough, Use-cases, and Demo
01:30pm - Attesting, Authenticating and Authorizing NSM Components with SPIRE
02:00pm - Traffic visualization solutions for NSM
02:30pm - CN-WAN: a Cloud Native (SD-)WAN for Microservice Applications
03:30pm - Cloud-native SR-IOV with Network Service Mesh
04:00pm - NSM Customer Success! QoE, L3VPN, and NAT64 oh my!

Why Attend NSMCon?

Are you running workloads in multiple clusters? Across multiple clouds: on-premises, hybrid, multi-cloud, or public cloud? Do they need to interact with legacy workloads running in less “cloudy” environments? Network Service Mesh (NSM) ties them all together, at the granularity of individual workloads, not clusters/VPCs/data centers.

NSM, a community-driven CNCF Sandbox project, is rapidly gaining momentum because simplifies connectivity between workloads, independent of where they run. It extends an IP reachability domain to workloads running in multiple clusters, legacy environments, on-premises, or in a public cloud, communicating with the existing protocols.

NSM does this at the granularity of individual workloads. Your workloads have connectivity to just the workloads they need - nothing more, nothing less. NSM brings the useful features of a Service Mesh from the lofty heights of HTTP all the way down to IP itself. Applications and Application Service Meshes, such as Istio, run unaltered on top, leaving the hybrid/multicloud IP connectivity to NSM.

The project emerged organically as a community project to solve these problems by applying the Service Mesh thought process all the way down to IP with the global peering mentality of the Internet itself – without breaking your existing environment.

Join the people building and using NSM at Network Service Mesh Con for a day of tutorials, deep dives, and use cases to learn how NSM works, what it can do for you, and, most importantly, what’s coming next.

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